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Love and Romance
(1)To make your day as wonderful as you make my life.
(2)Can't live without you, wouldn't even want to try.
(3)Thanks for making my life worthwhile.
(4) I only have eyes for you.
(5)You pick me up when I am down and make me smile instead of frown.
(6)You fill my life with joy.
(7)For my one and only.
(24)Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
(25)In loving memory.
(26)With heartfelt condolences
(27)(He or She).......will be missed.
(28)Always in my heart.
(29)May God surround you with his loving arms during your time of sorrow.
Get Well
(8)Hope you bounce back soon.
(9)Wishing you a speedy recovery.
(10)To cheer you.
(11)Get well soon and (We, l) miss you.
(12)(We, I) hope you are up and around very soon.
(13)Be kind to yourself.
(14)Get well soon.... we're tired of doing your job!!
Just Because
(30)To make your day brighter.
(31)These flowers say what words cannot.
(32)For all you do for me.
(33)Just because you're you.
Thank You
(15)Thanks for the great job.
(16)Thanks for being there for me.
(17)Thank you for all you do for others.
(18)Thanks for pitching in.
(34)You did it!!!
(35)Congratulations on your newest adventure.
(36)Awesome job!!
(37)Congratulations on your new rung on the corporate ladder.
(38)Welcome to the cold, cruel world of're gonna love it.
New Baby
(19)God had blesses you with a new angel.
(20)Your life will never be the same, but it's totally worth every minute.
(21)Welcome to your precious baby....(boy, girl).
(22)Pretty soon you'll start to hear your Mom's words coming out of your mouth.
(23)Congratulations on one of your greatest accomplishments.
Happy Birthday
(39)And many more.....
(40)This is your day. Hope it is great.
(41)Have a fantazameriffic birthday.
(42)Oh don't be silly... you can't be that old! Why, you don't look a day over...(insert number)
(43)Remember $.25 Cokes......Really?
(44)Happy Birthday. You made it another year!!